It’s Anderson Cooper’s birthday!

Anderson Timeline (1967):
Check out the animated timeline of Anderson Cooper’s life. Anderson Hays Cooper is born on June 3, 1967 in New York City to Wyatt Cooper…

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Never has a song so succinctly summarized my sentiments about Ira Glass.

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We could’ve had it all…

We could’ve had it all…

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Rad drawing of Worth, Schiaparelli, and Poiret found on the interwebs

Patron Saints of Fashion

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Françoise Hardy - “Le temp de l’amour”

Haven’t been able to get this out of my head since seeing the Moonrise Kingdom trailer.

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Season 6

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Fact-Checking Drake: Does Toronto Really Love Him? : The Record

The rapper Drake has, if you go by one of his song's lyrics, a short list of interests. The first is money. The second is the city of Toronto. In the world of hip-hop, it’s not outlandish to identify the acquisition of wealth as a motivator, nor is it particularly odd to claim mythical status in one’s hometown. At the ripe old age of 25, Drake estimates his worth to be about $25 million.

But “I run Toronto? That part is different.

The fact that we can’t just open our window and note the number of times per hour “Marvin’s Room" leaks out of a passing car on Yonge Street makes us yearn to know: does the population of Toronto support its baby-faced star as much as he says it does? Or is Drake using his city’s relatively remote and exotic status, by hip-hop standards, to bluff some street cred? We called The New Yorker fact checker Carolyn Kormann and asked her how she would verify such an assertion if it were made by anyone in a piece published by that magazine. — Frannie Kelley

I would’ve loved to have been the editorial intern assisting with fact-checking Drake.

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"I don’t want to be a fashion blogger if that means (once again) being that loser girl with no friends who just doesn’t fit in compared to the glossy DSLR photos of girls with sleek hair wearing Celine." »

"A Very P.C. Holiday" Clueless

One of my favourite holiday specials of the 1990s.

Part 1

Part 3

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